October 10, 2014

Unique Nashville Find

I have to give my awesome mother-in-law a shout out for finding this really unique place in Nashville.  She scopes out really fun shops and then takes me there when we visit. So I get to explore these awesome stores and I don't even have to do the research! 

After visiting I did a little online research and found they have several locations all over the US, even in Birmingham! "Nadeau: Furniture With a Soul" wholesales imported handmade furniture from India and Indonesia. The inventory changes often and while I found some pieces to be pretty pricey there are plenty that are reasonable! They also do a great job of posting pictures with dimensions and prices online. Click here to see the Nashville store inventory photos. When you click on the photo you will see dimensions and prices underneath. 

These blue beauties were sitting outside, so I know they were luring in more than one innocent passerby.  These would be such great accent pieces in a dining room if your decor could handle them!

This media cabinet is very big and priced at $833. Little pricey for my tastes but still a great looking piece.

Priced at $483, this cabinet has some great little details. I happened to be looking for a cabinet for a client so I ended up taking lots of pictures of cabinets! Hence...

But of course I couldn't resist these adorable crackled dog book ends and this beautiful carved horse on the way out. I am a little bit of a fanatic when it comes to horses, so it's just my luck that they are becoming a trend in the design world! (I see a horse blog in my near future :)

 Last but certainly not least is this incredible green cabinet. Such a great multi-functional piece! Some close-ups of the great crackled detail...

See you next time!